KUSoftas CMS is skinnable, SEO optimized with jQuery and Ajax support, WYSIWYG content editing, WebDAV support based on PHP, Smarty, Slim, jQuery, Datatables, Dynatree etc.
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Wide Opportunity to Use
  • Can be hosted in shared hosting
  • Fits to wide range sites installation from very small to large
  • Can be used as framework for web based information system
  • Can be used for RESTful API service implementation
  • Software platform is based on jQuery, PHP, Smarty templates
  • Subsites are supported
  • MySQL, SQLite or flat file CMS easy option change
Exclusive Capabilities
  • Hierarchical user and group based site access control 
  • Integrated file manager and WYSIWYG editor
  • WebDAV server integrated with site access control
  • Site localization based on native language support (NLS)
  • Skinable - site skin can be changed with one button touch
  • Integrated site search based on jQuery only
  • Professional grade CSS extensions  (SASS and LESS)
Full-text indexing and search
  • Apache Lucene query language syntax support
  • Fuzzy search using Levenshtein finite state automata
  • XML, JSON and table format support
  • Facets support
  • Browsing terms as in library information systems
  • Pure PHP: works in shared hosting!
  • Covers functionality of well known Apache Solr
Integrated Access Control
  • Access control lists (ACL)
  • Hierarchical permissions inheritance support
  • Control targets: pages, menu, tools, actions, folders and files
  • HTTP Basic authentication support for site pages
  • HTTP Diggest authentication support for WebDAV
  • Site files protection using .htaccess and site access control
Integrated File Manager
  • Integrated WYSIVYG editor
  • Drag and drop support including MS Windows explorer
  • Integrated site access control for files and folders
  • Multiple files upload/download
  • Basic image edit functions support
  • Archive files support
  • Can be integrated into any page
Integrated WebDAV Server
  • Integrated site access control
  • Full site access for builtin site administrator
  • Authorized site files and images folders access for logged user
  • Setup via CMS setup tool
  • Site content can be connected into Windows file system as network logical driver
Interactive Site Localisation
  • Multi language support
  • Based on native language support (NLS)
  • Interactive site source files translation for JS, PHP and Smarty
  • Singleton and plural messages translation forms support
  • Site or skin level localisation
  • Builtin web based translate editor (works like PoEDIT editor)
Effective SEO Optimization
  • Basic metadata support - title, description, keywords, language
  • Facebook and Twitter metadata support
  • Google Analytics support
  • Sitemap creation using individual settings for each page
  • Sitemap include news items with its own metadata
CMS Plugins
  • eShop - easy deploy powerfull eShop system
  • Configurator - eShop powered window configurator
  • Slider - slide management and show with 3D effects
  • Boxer - highlight box managent and show
  • News - news managent and show
  • Maps - Google maps managent and show
  • Request - request form submit and management
  • Info - key pair data storage
KUSoftas CMS (http://www.kusoftas.com) is easy skinnable, SEO optimized completely browser based content management system based on PHP scripting language, Smarty template engine, jQuery JavaScript library and RESTful software architectural style. It is based on very common open source software and technologies and does not force programmers to use any specific programming techniques.